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Vegan March is Over

It's April 1st and vegan March (Marts med medfølelse) is over. Unfortunately I can’t really say I can feel any changes in my body. It’s feeling as healthy as before, but I guess I didn’t change that much with just removing fish, eggs and an occasional dairy product.

It’s been easy being vegan. Especially because Lara embraced the challenge, bought a vegan cook book (Forks over Knives) and whipped up some amazing vegan dishes at home. Friends took to me out to a vegan restaurant and another friend ordered me vegan food for his wedding. Thanks, you guys <3

Seeing as it’s April fools day I’d considered writing that I’d celebrate the end of vegan month with a big, red steak – but I just know that nobody would believe me. Instead I’ll tell you that I might go just a little more vegan from now. No strict dogmas, though. I’ll eat bread without checking if someone put dairy in. I’ll have an ice cream from my favorite place on Skydebanegade, when the sun is out and I’ll order fish when out in a (non vegan) restaurant. And I’ll probably enjoy it too.

I'm not going vegan. My diet will be plant-based. Not because I think we shouldn’t eat animals, but because I think it’s healthier for me to feed on green, fresh foods. The truth is that you can vbe vegan and really uinhealthy. There are vegan pizzas, cakes and sausages too... But by defining my diet as plat-based I will make sure to fill up on veggies, fruits, lentils, seeds and nuts instead of animal products and processed foods.


I Survived a 5-day Juice Detox

I actually enjoyed fasting. Not the first two days, mind you. In the beginning I wanted to chew off my own foot and eat it, but by day three I felt clear, light and alert.

This blog post is about my experience with juice fasting. As I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist and as this is only my second juice fast please don’t take this as expert advice. If you want to do a detox I recommend you have a good look around the interwebz to see what’s out there. If you’re underweight or pregnant stay away from detoxing and if you have any doubts consult your GP before fasting. If you're new to detoxing make sure you ease into it and start off by not having alcohol, meat and sugar for a while.

Most of my friends and colleagues think I’m crazy for not eating for five days. I do appreciate that most of the the medical world frowns on cleanses and view them as a way-too-hippie, naturopathic way of doing something that doesn’t make sense as the body is completely capable of detoxing itself. But the theory behind detoxing is that while you give your digestive system a rest by not feeding it solid food, your body will use all the extra energy to heal itself. Then of course there’s the expelsion toxins, getting new energy and the mental aspect - which for me was one of the most obvious gains.

I am not saying that detoxing would work for everybody. I think grounded Kapha-people like myself will get a nice lift by detoxing, whereas Pitta and Vatta people might not experience the same benefits. (Read more about ayurveda and the doshas here).

The juice diet
It was important to me that my juice diet was composed of carbohydrates, fibre, amino acids and fats so I included fresh fruits and vegetables (carbs), almond milk (protein) and avocados (fats) and my daily intake. I had at least one juice (or smoothie) a day with pulp to make sure I got lots of fibre. My favourite one of these is spinach and ginger blended with apple and pineapple juice and ice - and I have this every morning when I’m not detoxing.

The first time I did a juice detox I followed Jason Vale’s 3 day fast, but this time I made up the juices as I went along using what I had and what I felt like (making sure I included the above mentioned components). I had no limits of how much juice I could consume a day, but I tried to have more vegetable than fruit as fruit rank righter on the Glycemic Index. I drank all the herbal tea I wanted but stayed away from black tea even though the one I usually drink is decaf. I would probably have about 5-6 different juices a day.

Detox journal

Day 1
I was hungry when I woke up and didn’t remember why I decided to live off only liquids…

I’m hungry, but take a walk to shop fruit and veggies (it’s a bank holiday so no work) and tell myself that my body just needs to adjust. My mood is good and spirit is high. A cup of nettle tea helps.

My stomach won’t stop growling. I’m alternating between ‘I’m hungry’’ and ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad’ plus a few 'Just kill me nows’. Hope tomorrow will be better.

Day 2
I’m peeing like nobody's business
I still feel hungry but my tummy’s not growling anymore. It just feels empty.

I’m very cold and can’t seem to get warm. I took a second shower to warm up and wore lots of clothes out even though the sun was out and others had taken off their jackets. A bike ride helped.

I feel a little lightheaded and pretty spaced out and my energy is quite low (but I am writing this just before having a juice, so hopefully that’ll help.)

I hope this is my low point. It’s quite low.

Day 3
I slept very deeply and woke up an hour before my alarm went off. I wasn’t hungry and even had enough energy to do a yoga practice before my morning juice (didn’t do any yoga the last two days as my energy was so low that I didn’t manage to drag my body to the mat). My mood is good.

After my juice I actually feel a little hungry. Think the liquid reminded my tummy that it doesn’t get anything to work with. It’s not at all like yesterday. Thank God.

Roll on day four!

Day 4:
Funny to think that I haven’t eaten anything for three days straight. I slept great and woke up with lots of energy. Did an hour practice before my morning juice and enjoyed the light feeling. My headstand felt light and strong with nothing in my stomach. I feel focused and happy and my girlfriend accused me of being delirious because I’m smiling for no reason.

Again I feel more hungry after my juice than before. But it’s not uncomfortable. It’s just the feeling of my stomach thinking it’s being fed and starting to work – but then realising there’s nothing to work with. That’s what it feels like anyway.

I’m considering doing tomorrow too, but I have to go to work and don’t know if that would work. Maybe I’m just nervous about breaking the fast…

I feel alert and awake and a great sense of accomplishment.

Day 5 - breaking the fast:
Woke up full of energy and not hungry, so I have a juice for breakfast and try to have a few slices of banana to make my stomach work a little bit. It feels OK, but I’m full after a few slices. I bring the rest of the fruit salad I’ve made but can’t eat with me to work

At work I have a juice and try with a little more fruit. I feel absolutely fine.

I decide to try and have dinner consisting of steamed broccoli and a small piece of baked salmon. It feels great to have food in me again and my stomach seems to agree with my choice.

The reflextions
Fasting for more than three days made me experience ‘coming out on the other side’ and enjoying the feeling of being light and cleansed. The experience showed me how much ritual we create around meals and what happens when we take them away. If I allowed myself I would very much be an emotional eater and it was quite a relief not to have to consider whether or not to eat, what to have and how much to have. I had already chosen what to have and by day three and four emotional cravings were gone. I think it’s been healthy for me to give up things that I need for a few days to find the edge of my strength and challenge my attachments to diet. Fasting is a good way to practice detachment or Aparigraha as it is called in yoga. Maybe that’s why it exists in almost all the big religions.

I want to stress that I did everything safely and that the real challenge was only psychological. I didn’t starve myself and made sure I got all the vitamins and minerals I needed from fresh fruits and vegetables. In the end the emptiness became a companion and strangely enough I felt nervous about breaking the fast. But boy did I enjoy my first meal of steamed broccoli.

The juices
Here’s a few of my favourites

Green Morning Smoothie
1 apple
A piece of peeled ginger
A piece of pineapple
A handful of fresh spinach

You can either peel everything and stuff it in a blender or you can juice the apple, pineapple and ginger and blend it with the spinach. You get lots of fibre from this one as well as you alkalise the body and stock up on chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contains a powerful blood builder that’s said to increase red blood cells, improve circulation, ease inflammation, oxygenate the body, and counteract harmful free radicals.

Red Smoothie

Juice all but avocado and blend with avocado and ice.

Carrot juice

Throw everything in the juicer and blend with ice if you can be bothered - it’s just fine straight out of the juicer.

Fruit smoothie
Raspberries or strawberries
Almond milk

Blend everything with ice. You can add a little water if you want it runnier. The almond milk is good for protein and the smoothie of just fruits is just what you need to keep you sane on a detox. Another option is throwing in some dates instead of the berries.


Kale and Beetroot Salad with Avocado and Cashews

I don't enjoy cooking much, but as my better half is away for the weekend I have no choice but to hit the kitchen. It's not really the actual stuff that goes on in the kitchen I don't like; it's the coming up with dishes and being creative. Well, my new rules of combining food properly (I will elaborate on this later but basically you want to separate protein, carps and fats) makes it easier to come up with dishes, so look what I had for lunch today: A lovely kale and beetroot salad topped with avocado and cashews. Very simple, but tasty - and well combined with fats and veg together.

The kale and beetroot is marinated in a dressing of olive oil, tahin and lemon juice and topped with avocado, basil and cashews. Throw avocado and nuts on any salad and it will taste wonderful.





Energy Balls

At some point I’m going to write about how my trip to India has inspired my to look at food and diet with new eyes. It’s going to be a rather large post and it’s going to take me some time to figure it all out in my head first so for now I’m just going to share the snack that kept us all going at yoga teacher training: energy balls. Thanks to Nicola, our nutritionist, for feeding us live and healthy foods and for sharing her inspiration.

I made these the other day and eating them is just like being back in Goa having a snack after a demanding asana class. They’re just dates and nuts so they’re relatively good for you and will satisfy any sweet tooth. I’m afraid I haven’t got the exact measurements so you’ll just have to experiment a little but here you go:

Throw the following in a food processor or a blender:

A handful of dates

A handful of cashews

A teaspoon of raw cocoa powder

A teaspoon of coconut powder

Water (added little by little so the dough doesn’t get too wet)

Blend until you get a nice paste. Roll into balls and roll in coconut powder.

Enjoy – with a clean conscience :)