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Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training - or Ode to Uma

She’s travelling all over the place to spread her massive knowledge of women’s health and vitality from puberty to menopause. Womb Yoga she calls it. This weekend it was Copenhagen’s turn to learn from the womb guru: Uma Dinsmore-Tuli at Well Woman Yoga Therapy Intensive Teacher Training at Yoga Mudra. 

Uma is a tiny little lady, but it takes only one look at her to see that she’s as strong as an ox. She speaks The Queen’s English but mixes in perfectly pronounced Sanskrit whenever she gets a chance and always has a mantra or a story about the Hindu goddesses to go with her teachings. She has an impressive luggage full of anatomy posters, pelvises (pelvi?) with and without organs, a baby doll, flowers and books. It’d love to see her go through security in the airport... In spite of a cold she has the most beautiful singing voice and accompanied by her scruti box she chants mantras that leaves the shala vibrating with energy. She really is the kind of woman who deserves an ode. Or a lovely Sanskrit mantra.

As you might know I’m often quite hesitant with new styles of yoga (you can’t mess with tradition, right?), but even though Uma has invented her own yoga sequences for pregnancy, fertility, healthy menstruation and menopause, she knows her yoga and tantra and it is obvious that all she does is rooted in the old tantric and vedic traditions. Uma knows her stuff.

Mixing asana, pranayama, anatomy, mudra, bandha and yoga nidra Uma spent nearly 30 hours in three days teaching us how to help and empower women with issues from PMS over endometriosis to hot flashes during menopause. I never talked so much about yonis (yes, that’s Sanskrit for your C U Next Tuesday) and wombs, but as Uma says; we need to respect and honour women’s cycles. My yoga classes do consist of 99 % women, and as yoga is made by men - for men, we need a more feminine approach that embraces the womb, the female anatomy and shakti energy. 

And that is Uma’s dharma. Changing the world one womb at a time helping women awaken to a higher consciousness of the importance of their own health, self esteem and spiritual well being. As a step towards changing the whole planet.

You leave the 18 wombs gathered at Yoga Mudra this weekend a little more enlightened, Uma.

Hari om tat sat. Hari om tat sat.  

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Angel Walk


I don’t expect anybody who wasn’t there to understand my experience of the Angel Walk. It was pretty full on and something I never imagined myself doing let alone enjoying. The pictures here are taken after the Walk, which we did on the last day of the teacher training course right after we received or certificates. So the concept, which stems from Agama, was, that we all stood in two lines close together and touched and whispered sweet things to whoever was walking down the aisle while soothing music was playing. This resulted in smiles, tears and full on sobbing and energy that was so full of love that it would make Mother Theresa envious. Picture the white clothes and colourful flower petals and tears everywhere. What a beautiful experience to see my fellow yogis walk down the aisle receiving warm touches and loving words, to tell them what beautiful beings they were and see them understand and take my words with them. And to receive the words and touches myself and feel the love and the climax of four intense weeks of growing, expanding, releasing and learning together with wonderful people. Thank you all.

Hope the pictures – although they might resemble album covers from a 90ies boy band – show the love.


Shala Pics



The Hippy is Out

This week I've seen my self from outside my body during Yoga Nidra. I've had the most beautiful and powerful experience having my chackras healed. I've discussed energies, chackras, Ayahuascha and Samadhi. And I've loved every minute of it. I've also been encouraged to drink a liter of water on an empty stomach, jump around a bit and then puke it back up again. Some yoga practices are more comfortable then others...

Roll on week four.

Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm going to go and hug a tree...


Teacher Training Points

So I thought I was going to be able to write exciting blog posts about my experiences during teacher training. I thought I could let you follow my progress and the deepening of my practice, but I guess I didn't consider the fact that with 11 hours of yoga and lectures + self study a day and one day off a week there isn't really time for blogging.

This post is going to serve as a reminder for myself to blog about or just to remember:

How amazing Goa is and how good it feels to get to know an area by staying there for five weeks.

How right the teacher training course is for me as it is based on Asthanga Vinyasa but incorporates other traditions and modifications and as it has a strong spiritual foundation and focuses on all 8 limbs of Asthanga Yoga.

That I taught my first 30 minutes of yoga one week into the course and was assessed on it - and actually enjoyed it.

How the food is alive and every day is started with a green smoothie and a fruit salad and how this inspires me to eat more raw food - but how curries and naan keep sneaking into my diet. It is India after all.

How goddamn beautiful Sanskrit is but how hard it is to learn. Take Trianganmukha ika pada paschimottasana. That is just one pose...(!)

How beautiful the morning is in silence, but how good it feels to be able to chat after spending the first 5 hours of the day without saying a word.

How good my organs feel with a regular and pretty intense daily pranayama practice.

How sweet all the other yogis are and how the group energy gets us through the day. And how if not through yoga I would never have met a Canadian sherif, a beauty parlor owner from Scotland and a nurse from New York.

How the anatomy classes gross me out as I am shown what I'm actually doing to my bones and my spine during asana. No more forcing the knees into full lotus!

How challenging it is to enter the shala before sunrise and leave it after sunset only to come out for a couple of hours in the middle of the day - while being in amazing Goa none the less.

How brilliant it is to drink your coconut water straight out of the coconut after class in stead of getting it out of a carton.

How there's nowhere I'd rather be right now (although it would be nice to have my better half still here with me). And how I am turning in to a right hippie who will om, chant and sing - without batting an eyelid.