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10 reasons why Yin Yoga will Stay in my Life

I recently attended Sattva and Mari Nordstrøm’s 6 days Yin Yoga Immersion in Copenhagen and I’m completely in love with the practice. Here’s why.

1. Yin yoga is slow and teaches me to be still.

2. Yin Yoga lets me connect with me body in a way that I am yet to find in more dynamic or Yang methods of yoga. When holding an asana for 5 minutes I actually feel what the stretch does to my body.

3. Whenever I stretch a muscle and its connective tissue it is connected to the energy fields of my body. So even though I’ll be stretching my hamstrings I will be working on my bladder and kidney energies.

4. Yin Yoga makes my ‘stuff’ come up. Just like in restorative yoga when I give my body and mind a chance to relax, my attention seeks inwards revealing my Self. My feelings, sensations, emotions and issues – my stuff. Mari uses a beach ball as a metaphor of the Vrittis and Vasanas of meditation: when a ball is forced under the surface it will pop right back up – demanding to be looked at.

5. When attending a Yin class with others the practice creates the most beautiful energy. (This happens in restorative too. Come try it on one of my classes).

6. Yin Yoga works on the fascia. It’ll stretch out the fascia into nice sheets.

7. Yin yoga softens my body, opens my hips and makes me more flexible. It prepares my body to sit in meditation.

8. Yin Yoga brings long periods of time in an uncomfortable position, which then asks me to learn to be and to accept what is in that given moment.

9.It releases prana that I can actually feel in the body (and it feels like fizzy pop running through my veins).

10. When I leave the yoga shala or my yoga room at home after a Yin practice I feel like I’m floating 2 inches above the ground.

Thank you Mari and fellow yogis for an amazing immersion.

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