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Workshop Sunday the 25th of November: Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra

On Sunday the 25th of November I’m giving a workshop in restorative yoga and yoga nidra at SenseS. It’s really misleading to call it a workshop as you will only be working on relaxing.
Restorative yoga is especially beneficial for you if you feel stressed or are having a hard time relaxing completely. Or if you just want two hours of complete relaxation and learn relaxation techniques that you can use at home. Here’s a little description of the workshop. Let me know if you have any questions.

Restorative Yoga
The restorative practice leads you deep into your body and brings you closer to yourself. When we work with relaxation, internalisation of the senses and calming of the mind we balance the nervous system and let go of our ‘fight or flight response’. There are many benefits of a restorative yoga practice: you can reduce stress, depression and anxiety, you can balance your blood pressure and blood sugar and improve your digestion and fertility.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra can be translated to ‘yogic sleep’ and is a systematic method for deep meditation. You don’t have to have practiced meditation before to participate. You will be guided through a meditation that will make you so relaxed that you might fall asleep. But that’s OK. Your subconscious mind will still be alert and benefit from the practice.

The Workshop

We’ll start with waking up the body with gentle flows before starting our restorative practice. We’ll support the body with props like blankets and bolsters so that it can surrender completely into the yoga asanas (positions) and learn to actively relax our bodies. We’ll end the workshop with a guided yoga nidra laying down.

Bring a jumper and a pair of socks and a bean bag (eye bag) if you have one (a scarf will also suffice).

You don’t have to be young, fit or flexible to participate. And you don’t have to have any experience with yoga. You don’t have to be a member of SenseS to join the workshop. Just sign up at Senses.dk and show up with an open mind.

The workshop is taught in Danish.

Time: Sunday the 25th of November at 16:00-18:00
Place: SenseS, Sommerstedgade 7, 1718 København V
Price: 100 DKK for members of SenseS. 200 DKK for non members

Sign up on  SenseS.dk and join the event on Facebook to spread the word.


Back to Reality

I’m back from two amazing weeks on the road in America visiting San Francisco, seeing canyons, gambling in Vegas - and not doing much yoga. I did sit here (Lake Powell, Arizona) for a bit, though. Magic.


Saturday's Practice After a Week of no Yoga

I started a new job this Monday. It’s a job that I’m so blissfully happy that I got and that I feel like I’ve been working towards for some time now. I interviewed for it via Skype while doing yoga teacher training in India, so it's amazing to think about that the first time I ‘met’ my new colleagues and started focusing on this job I was in my bungalow in Mandrem, Goa.

It’s been a great first week, but as the job is more than an hour away, leaving the flat at 7.20 hasn’t left much time for yoga in the mornings… And coming home full of new impressions and ideas in the evenings, yoga hasn’t been the first thing on my mind. So when I got up to do my practice this Saturday morning my mat was still neatly rolled up in my bag from teaching my class last Sunday. A whole week went by without yoga.

And not doing yoga has a great impact on my practice. I don’t know if it was just not doing yoga for 5 days or if it was all the new impressions from work, but I had such difficulties getting into my practice today. I mean I actually paused in the middle of my Surya Namaskaras (sun salutations) to answer a tweet as I heard my phone beep(!) That’s not very yogic, is it? I guess not, but it shows a great deal about what goes on off the mat, as my practice always seems to do. A lot is going on off the mat right now and as I half-heartedly got through the standing poses of Primary Series I decided to just sit down and meditate the hell out of it. And it worked. Just sitting down allowing (demanding) the thoughts to hit me made my mind slowly quiet right down. Apparently meditation was my yoga practice today.

Can’t wait to teach tomorrow. You can join us if you want.


Honeymoon Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

So I’m a Mrs! And I’m back home in Copenhagen after three weeks holiday. One week in England planning our English wedding (which was absolutely magic) and two wonderful weeks of honeymoon in Sri Lanka. The latter has left me recharged and feeling happy and healthy.

Part of our honeymoon was spent at the amazing eco jungle resort Ulpotha. We came across Ulpotha in my Great Yoga Retreat book earlier this year and knew that we had to go there. If you’ve seen the pictures you’ll know why. After reading only positive reviews on Tripadvisor the decision was made; Sri Lanka was our honeymoon destination.

We were at Ulpotha for a Vinyasa course and Ayurveda detox (which I’ll write about later) so five hours a day were spent doing yoga with 14 other yogis from various parts of the world. We began our days with a meditation at the bank of the beautiful lake in the middle of the village and made our way to the yoga shala where we did a 2,5 hour dynamic solar vinyasa practice.The afternoon sessions were more lunar and focused on pranayama, and I was introduced to yin yoga, which I haven’t done before. Our teacher, Daniella, who runs a studio in Paris, had a beautiful way of putting the classes together to correspond with the five elements: air, water, fire and earth.

Ulpotha is a small village in the middle of the jungle. It has no hot water, electricity or mobile network (I needed a social media detox) but it still feels very luxurious. We stayed in a large hut without walls - so we basically slept outside but felt oddly safe because of our mosquito nets.

The animals were around us at all times of the day: monkeys, beautiful kingfishers, water buffaloes, lizards, snakes, frogs and turtles just to name a few. All were amazing - apart from a giant spider with one shiney eye that we came across one night. Because of the lack of electricity the village was lit by oil lamps, which would magically appear every day at dusk. Just beautiful. And the food. The food deserves a chapter on its own: all vegan and consisting of local vegetable curries, sambols, grain, beans, fruits and juices. Oh, and coconut water straight from the coconut. There’s nothing like a glass of coconut water after an intense yoga practice - but until now I’ve only ever had it out of a carton...

The combination of yoga, Ayurveda and the vegan diet (and my favorite hammock by the lake) has left me feeling healthy and recharged and ready for the autumn (and married life). To prolong the feeling back here in Copenhagen (which has been taken over by Fashion Week, food and drinks this week) the plan is to do a three day juice detox on the weekend. I’ll let you know how that goes provided I make it through without killing anybody.... :)

If you ever get the chance to go to Sri Lanka. Find Ulpotha.

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