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Legs Up the Wall Pose - Viparita Karani

One of my favorite restorative poses is Viparita Kanari or ’legs up the wall pose’. It relieves tired or cramped legs and feet and gently stretches the hamstrings, front torso, and the back of the neck. It’s also good for relieving mild backache and it calms the mind.

My restorative yoga teacher Bo Forbes claims that ‘legs up the wall’ can cure insomnia. I haven’t tried it myself (I have no trouble in that department), but if you have trouble going to sleep you can try it out to see if it’ll make you sleepy.

Old Hindu scriptures claim that Viparita Karani hides wrinkles in addition to banishing old age and death. I don’t know how much truth to put in that but the restorative nature of this posture gets blood flowing to parts of the body that need it, making it good for almost any ailment including arthritis, high or low blood pressure, respiratory ailments, and menopause.

If you’d like to make the position more inverted you can put a folded blanket or a bolster under your hips (unless you’re on your moon cycle (that’s yoga lingo for menstruating)).

Stay in the pose for 5 to 15 minutes. If your neck feels strained, you can place a rolled-up towel or blanket in the nape. If you start to experience pins and needles in your feet or any other discomfort just bend your legs and pull your knees to your chest. To get out of the pose gently roll down without twisting the spine.

I’m breaking in nice, new yoga clothes in the picture. Both the top and the tights are form Zalando.dk. The eye pillow was given to me at our honeymoon yoga retreat at Ulpotha in Sri Lanka.



Restorative Practice

I spent last night at Sattva Yoga with three of the yoga teachers I did the restorative yoga therapeutics teacher training with last year. For three hours we taught each other and exchanged experiences with the restorative practice.

Thank you girls. I feel restored and I'm looking forward to doing it again.


Restorative Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training with Bo Forbes

Yoga teacher, integrative yoga therapist, and clinical psychologist Bo Forbes was in Copenhagen (well, Hørsholm) this weekend to pass on her vast experience of combining yoga and psychotherapy and give a 20 hours Restorative Yoga Therapeutics teacher training. In the training I and the other 17 women (!) learned to artfully prop a series of restorative poses designed to balance the mind, nervous system and emotional body. The poses also deepen the relaxation response, reduce stress and enhance immunity. And they're a legitimate treatment for depression and anxiety.

This was acknowledged a couple of years ago by the renowned American Family Physician:

“Several studies of exercise and yoga have demonstrated therapeutic effectiveness superior to no-activity controls and comparable with established depression and anxiety treatments (e.g., cognitive behavior therapy, sertraline, imipramine)" (American Family Physician).

Bo’s approach to yoga combined it with science and psychology. She lost herself in endless examples of students (clients?) being cured of anxiety, depression and other emotional issues because of yoga. She works with the term ‘deep visceral body’, which is one of the 8 bodies in the mind body network and can hold trauma that can’t be verbalised. This is where yoga can work deeper than verbal therapy and add the bodily aspect of the healing process. Yoga bridges science, spirituality and psychology and offers a deep bodily experience that accesses all the bodies in the mind body network.

I enjoyed the restorative approach to yoga and think I might sneak in a supported Shavasana to some of my classes. I might consider teaching a restorative workshop sometime in the not too distant future.

One of the best things about the teacher training was meeting all the other yogis and feeling the group dynamics. My rigid (Ashtanga?) mind didn’t care too much for the very poor time management of the course, though. I only hope that next time will be more structured and ‘on time’. Bo's enthusiasm made up for it in the end, though, so thank you for a great experience, Bo. The weekend has left me feeling sattvic and relaxed and eager to pass the experience and the knowledge on to others.

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