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The First Post

This blog has been long under way. I bought the domain omshanti.dk last year but as everything goes it took me a while to convince myself that I would actually commit to writing continuously and keeping the blog updated. I already write another blog about topics related to my work, communication and social media, and that is not as updated as I would like it to be. To say the least.

But yoga is my passion. It is my refuge from a busy work day and my inspiration to remember to just breathe. Nice and simple, right? Well, after sampling different yoga traditions and creating my own practice during the last few years I’ve encountered so many different styles of asana, interpretations of the eight limbs of yoga and opinions about what real yoga is. And I’ve decided to try to make some sense of it all, and be social and share while doing so. The blog will be about my own practice, about the books, blogs and magazines that I read, and classes that I take. I hope it will also contain your thoughts and your practice.