About Going to Thailand (and Sticking a Hose up one's Bottom)

On Sunday I taught my last class before going away for three weeks. It was a little sad ‘handing over’ my yogis to the very sweet substitute (oh, I hope they don’t like her more than they like me. Yes, yoga teachers also have egos), but as I’ll be going to Thailand I’ll get over it.

Roll on chaotic Bangkok, bounty beaches, yoga, juice detox and colema. Yes, you heard me. Colema… I’ve signed up for a detox fast at The Spa where I am not only going to live off nothing but liquids for 5 days, I am also encouraged to flush out my colon with lukewarm coffee water. Why, you ask? Beats me, but the list of benefits from removing accumulated toxins from the body is long and includes things like improving energy levels, increasing metabolism and boosting immunity. And who wouldn’t want that?

I felt this amazing clarity after (not always during - you might recall) my last 5 day juice fast and I feel I’m ready to take detoxing to the next level - which apparently is voluntarily sticking a hose up my own bum. Comments or personal experiences in this department are more than welcome to let me know what I’m in for.

“The best detox diet of all is to eat nothing, in other words to fast for a period of three to seven days. Fasting is nature's ultimate cure for all ailments, and nothing cleanses the body more swiftly. When practiced in conjunction with colonic hydrotherapy, the results are even faster, more effective, and often quite dramatic.”  Daniel Reid, 'The Tao of Detox'.

Other than spending time in the toilet, Lara and I will also be doing yoga here at Samahita:

Roll on Friday!

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How to Meditate in a Moment

Need a moment? It doesn't get any easier than this.


Bikram has no Copyright: Yoga Belongs to Us All

Big news in the yoga world this week:

Bikram can no longer claim to hold a copyright to his 26-pose sequence thanks to a federal court ruling. The debate that’s been going on in the yoga world for decades have finally come to an end.

The official ruling states:

'The Court concludes that the yoga sequence itself is not covered under Choudhury's copyrights and thus, there can be no infringement'.

Duh! And as Evolution Yoga - who was sued by Bikram - said in their statement release:

'No one person or organization owns yoga or any type of yoga. It belongs to all of us'.

Damn straight.

Bikram doesn’t seem too bothered. At least not on his Facebook. He posted these the other day:


The Master Shift - Saving the World with Meditation

Tomorrow we save the world by meditating. 'Really?' you might ask. Well, I don't know. But it can't hurt, can it?


Keep Karma

My favourite Keep Calm poster. Of course. But there's something about these ones too...





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