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Vegan March is Over

It's April 1st and vegan March (Marts med medfølelse) is over. Unfortunately I can’t really say I can feel any changes in my body. It’s feeling as healthy as before, but I guess I didn’t change that much with just removing fish, eggs and an occasional dairy product.

It’s been easy being vegan. Especially because Lara embraced the challenge, bought a vegan cook book (Forks over Knives) and whipped up some amazing vegan dishes at home. Friends took to me out to a vegan restaurant and another friend ordered me vegan food for his wedding. Thanks, you guys <3

Seeing as it’s April fools day I’d considered writing that I’d celebrate the end of vegan month with a big, red steak – but I just know that nobody would believe me. Instead I’ll tell you that I might go just a little more vegan from now. No strict dogmas, though. I’ll eat bread without checking if someone put dairy in. I’ll have an ice cream from my favorite place on Skydebanegade, when the sun is out and I’ll order fish when out in a (non vegan) restaurant. And I’ll probably enjoy it too.

I'm not going vegan. My diet will be plant-based. Not because I think we shouldn’t eat animals, but because I think it’s healthier for me to feed on green, fresh foods. The truth is that you can vbe vegan and really uinhealthy. There are vegan pizzas, cakes and sausages too... But by defining my diet as plat-based I will make sure to fill up on veggies, fruits, lentils, seeds and nuts instead of animal products and processed foods.

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